I’m Macrina, 8-year product designer and user advocate based in Bucharest. I design interfaces for screens of all shapes and sizes. I love doing the whole process, from specifications, wireframes and prototypes to final art direction and visual design.

In the last 3 years, I developed a passion for digital health, e-learning, internet of things, machine learning, GIS and crowdfunding.

I’ve been involved in many design projects, ranging from startups and cultural NGOs, to retailers, educational institutions, medicine and hospitality.

I couldn’t possibly be doing what I’m doing today without Creative Cloud, Dropbox, InVision App, G Suite, Medium, Codepen, Envato, A List Apart, Quora, Typewolf, Slack, SoundCloud, Asana, Apple, Twitter, Stack Exchange, TED, WordPress, Hotjar, GitHub, Skype, PayPal, Jeffrey Zeldman, Luke Wroblewski, Andrew Ng, pen, paper, family, friends and co-workers.

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