vreaudeviz.ro – estimate the real cost of home improvement projects

Responsive, Startup, Web


  • Estimating the real cost of building a home or renovating your apartment is complicated. You get different quotations from different construction companies and often you wonder if the small price means cheaper materials or something else. Also, the estimated price isn’t guaranteed.
  • vreaudeviz.ro aims to simplify the process and offer a clear, detailed and transparent evaluation process. The user fills in all the renovation or construction details in a simple 4 step wizard and receives for a small fee an evaluation report.
  • The prices included in the evaluation report are guaranteed by Consolidated Construct (consolidated.ro), the company which, at the request of the user, can also execute the requested works.
  • Product specs, visual design and inVision prototype
  • I have designed this platform in 2017, while working for 1616.ro
  • vreaudeviz.ro